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American Arch Steel is a company serious about quality and customer service. The company's goal has always been 100% satisfaction while constantly looking for ways to deliver a quality product at the lowest possible cost. Our steel buildings are designed and tested to the highest standards of quality insuring compliance with all applicable building codes. And if questions arise, direct factory assistance is only a phone call away. With over 17 years of pre-engineered steel building experience, the skilled professionals at American Arch Steel continue to lead the industry in quality, cost control, and customer satisfaction.

American Arch Steel prides itself on its commitment to use the most advanced technology available to create and manufacture products that are a study in precision and value.

Quality Engineering
Our process begins with the advanced CAD-CAM software, which we use to take the guesswork out of the pre-engineering process. Our experienced technicians make sure a product will work before we ever begin manufacturing. This insures sound engineering and prevents costly waste. American Arch Steel uses only the highest quality materials. Attention to detail makes our manufacturing process reliable and dependable.

Attention to Detail
American Arch Steel realizes that building integrity is much greater when all parts and accessories are manufactured together, with the same high quality standards. This is why our girts and purlings are manufactured in the same factory as our other fine products.

Manufacturing Process:
American Arch Steel understands the importance of consistency in its manufacturing process. Using the innovative roll-forming process, our trim manufacturing specialists produce products of impressive strength and reliability. Skilled craftsmen in our modern facility prepare panel profiles in a wide array of sizes and gauges. The gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process we use sets the industry standard for quality and integrity. Our CNC process uses the latest technology to precisely place bolt openings.

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American Arch Steel buildings have a long tradition of quality, reliability, and versatility.

Industrial/Small Business... Warehousing, Security Shelters, Industrial Shops, Retail Showrooms, Equipment Storage (click here)

Trucking and Automotive... Secure Garage/Workshop Space, Ample room for vehicle storage, Affordable Cargo Depot, Flexible/Expandable Warehouse Space (click here)

Farming and Agriculture... Equipment Storage, Repair Shops, Crop Storage, Livestock, All Purpose Shelters (click here)

Recreation Vehicle Storage... Boats, Airplanes, Campers, Antique Cars, RV's, ATV/motorcycle Garage, Trailer Parking (click here)

Government and Military... Equipment Storage, Motorpool, Emergency Supplies, Office Space, Inexpensive Personnel Quarters (click here)

For the Outdoorsman...Equipment Shed, Hunterís/Anglerís Workshop, Taxidermy Workshop, Hunting Lodge, Wilderness Retreat, Salt/Sand Storage (click here)

Other Creative Uses... Low Income Housing, Arenas, Military Applications, Salt and Sand Storage, Processing Facilities, Roof Covers, Athletic/Dance Studios, Mini-Storage, Restaurants/Night Clubs Classrooms, Garage/Workshop for your home (click here)

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