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American Arch Steel offers a wide variety of accessories for the construction and maintenance of your steel building. Whether you are assembling your new building, or making additions to an existing building, American Arch Steel has the right tool for your job. If you have something in mind and don't see it here, just let us know. We have many other items available to help you enjoy your American Arch Steel building.

At American Arch Steel, we offer two types of premium insulation products that have been specially developed for metal building construction. MasterTech Vapor-Lock Radiant Plus is an insulation which has a composite design consisting of polyethylene air pockets sandwiched between thick layers of industrial strength reflective coating. American Arch Steel also offer traditional WMP-VR fiberglass insulation in a variety of gauges and "R" values to suit your needs.

Horizontal Slide Windows
Aluminum horizontal sliding windows provide light and ventilation, and are virtually maintenance free. American Arch Steel has these windows stocked in 3030, 4030, and 6030 sizes. Available in both insulated and non-insulated clear glass, HS windows from American Arch Steel include latch, half screen and weather stripping.

Walk Doors
Our walk doors are offered in a 3'x7' and 4'x7' single swing, or a 6'x7' double swing with 1.75" thick door leaves. American Arch Steel Doors come complete with all necessary hardware. These high quality doors are available with optional door closer, weather stripping, and other custom hardware items. The door leaves may be solid, or furnished with narrow-light or half glass panels. We also offer both insulated and non-insulated versions of our walk doors.

American Arch Steel offers a wide variety of doors to suit your needs. From our roll-up doors, available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, to our industrial strength sectional doors, suitable for many different uses, our selection is sizable. American Arch Steel also offers bi-fold and sliding doors for buildings with larger openings, such as airplane hangars and heavy equipment sheds.

Wall Louvers
American Arch Steel has wall louvers available in 3' x 3', 4' x 3', and 3' x 4' sizes. Featuring either fixed or adjustable blades, these louvers have an overlapping design that will insure protection from the elements. These accessories are perfect for barns, stables, and automotive shops. When your building needs extra ventilation, American Arch Steel has the right louver for you.

Reinforced Translucent Skylights
American Arch Steel offers translucent glass fiber skylights that share the same profile as roof and wall panels, and offer ample economical light for your building. Our translucent skylights are available with UL Class 90 wind code rating, making them a value in durability as well as practicality.

Ridge & Circular Ventilators
American Arch Steel stocks ventilators in 10' lengths (for single or continuous ridge installation)and ridge ventilators with standard 9" or 12" throat openings (complete with bird screens). Our 12"x1'-11" ultra ridge vent and both our 20" and 24" circular ridge vents also include bird screens. Optional dampers, cable operators, and operator handles are available with all of our American Arch Steel ridge ventilators

Stall Systems
American Arch Steel has three packages available. We strive to have just the stall system that you want. From our component stall system to custom designed packages, all of our stall systems can be tailored to your specifications. At American Arch Steel we strive to provide accessories that you want and need, rather than making you settle for what we happen to have in stock.


American Arch Steel buildings have a long tradition of quality, reliability, and versatility.

Industrial/Small Business... Warehousing, Security Shelters, Industrial Shops, Retail Showrooms, Equipment Storage (click here)

Trucking and Automotive... Secure Garage/Workshop Space, Ample room for vehicle storage, Affordable Cargo Depot, Flexible/Expandable Warehouse Space (click here)

Farming and Agriculture... Equipment Storage, Repair Shops, Crop Storage, Livestock, All Purpose Shelters (click here)

Recreation Vehicle Storage... Boats, Airplanes, Campers, Antique Cars, RV's, ATV/motorcycle Garage, Trailer Parking (click here)

Government and Military... Equipment Storage, Motorpool, Emergency Supplies, Office Space, Inexpensive Personnel Quarters (click here)

For the Outdoorsman...Equipment Shed, Hunterís/Anglerís Workshop, Taxidermy Workshop, Hunting Lodge, Wilderness Retreat, Salt/Sand Storage (click here)

Other Creative Uses... Low Income Housing, Arenas, Military Applications, Salt and Sand Storage, Processing Facilities, Roof Covers, Athletic/Dance Studios, Mini-Storage, Restaurants/Night Clubs Classrooms, Garage/Workshop for your home (click here)

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