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do-it-yourself steel structures

Make room for new projects with a building from American Arch Steel. We sell complete packages that you can erect yourself to save time and money. Our buildings are known for being extremely cost-effective, and they require zero maintenance.

Quality Engineering

Attention to detail makes our manufacturing process reliable and dependable. Our process begins with advanced CAD-CAM software, which we use to take the guesswork out of the pre-engineering process. Our experienced technicians make sure the product will work before we begin manufacturing. This ensures sound engineering and prevents costly waste. We use only the best materials, including Galvalume steel, a high-quality steel product that does not rust.

Steel Buildings and Uses

Attention to Detail

Building integrity is much greater when all parts and accessories are manufactured together, using the same high quality standards. This is why our girts and purlins are manufactured in the same factory as our other fine steel products.

Manufacturing Process

At American Arch Steel, we understand the importance of consistency in manufacturing. Using the innovative roll-forming process, our trim manufacturing specialists produce products of impressive strength and reliability. Skilled craftsmen in our modern facility prepare panel profiles in a wide array of sizes and gauges. The gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process we use sets the industry standard for quality and integrity, and our CNC process uses the latest technology to precisely place bolt openings.

"Q" Series

Even the biggest jobs need to be completed within a budget. Our "Q" Series buildings offer unparalleled safety, durability, and usable interior space. The classic arch construction is virtually maintenance free and amazingly easy to assemble. When you are looking for a large space for a small cost, choose "Q" Series from American Arch Steel.

"Q" Series Features:

» Widths from 20 to 100 Feet
» No Internal Beams or Trusses
» 100% Usable Space
» Pest & Weatherproof
» Unlimited & Expandable Lengths

"S" Series

When you need extra space for storage or operations, our steel buildings deliver. Our "S" Series buildings offer safety, durability, and abundant interior space. When you have a bigger building need and no time to waste, American Arch Steel can make the most efficient use of your time and money. When building or enlarging on a slightly larger scale, choose "S" Series.

"S" Series Features:

» Widths from 16 to 50 Feet
» Unlimited & Expandable Lengths
» No Internal Beams or Trusses
» 100% Usable Space
» High Sidewall Clearance

"P" Series

When your dollars have to go further, choose the "P" Series. These buildings offer safety, flexibility, and amazing value, making them the smart choice when enlarging your current facility or building a new one.

"P" Series Features:

» Widths from 14 to 30 Feet
» Unlimited & Expandable Lengths
» No Internal Beams or Trusses
» 100% Usable Space
» Easily Customized to Coordinate with Your Present Décor