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creative uses for arch steel buildings

Customers all over the world use our arch steel buildings to improve their facilities. Our products are so versatile that the possibilities are virtually limitless.


Your industrial building needs are as unique as you are. With great flexibility of design and potential to expand, our buildings are ready to develop along with your company. American Arch Steel buildings combine design and economy to offer you the best value in construction. Whether you are adding additional space for manufacturing and storage or building from the ground up, you can be assured of maximum product for the price. Benefits include:

» Ample Room for Both Storage & Manufacturing
» Flexibility to Expand with Your Business
» Secure Storage for Your Product
» Maximum Space for Your Dollar
» Quick & Easy Installation

More Industrial Uses:

» Retail Business Space
» Warehousing
» Additional Storage
» Factory & Manufacturing Space
» Workshops


Our buildings offer both the space and versatility needed in the automotive industry. As needs change in this dynamic industry, your American Arch Steel building will be ready to change right along with you. Our buildings are free from many of the limitations you would find in other types of building construction. As you work to keep America moving, your steel building will provide your business with a safe and economical home. Possible uses include:

» Secure Garage or Workshop Space
» Vehicle Storage
» Affordable Cargo Depot
» Flexible & Expandable Warehouse Space


At American Arch Steel, we realize how complex today's farming has become. With a variety of economical and dependable designs available, we can provide the most usable space for your building dollar. In an industry in which things often change unpredictably, your American Arch Steel building will provide the extra flexibility you need for healthy growth. Possible uses include:

» Equipment Storage
» Repair Shops
» Crop Storage
» Livestock Facilities
» All-Purpose Shelters


In order to enjoy recreation activities, one must be able to afford them. We work to create storage solutions for your recreational vehicles that are dependable, secure, and affordable. Whether you need a space to store an RV or a boathouse for your watercraft, we have a design that's right for you. Our products are perfect for:

» Boats
» Airplanes
» Campers
» Antique Cars
» RVs
» ATVs
» Motorcycles
» Trailers


As our public service, utility, and municipal needs grow, so do our communities' building needs. American Arch Steel can help you meet a great variety of these needs at a price that will not be a huge drain on your resources. Our buildings will serve you well as you provide valuable service to your community. Made from the highest-quality, heaviest-gauge US commercial steel available, our structures feature simple, bolt-together construction and are remarkably affordable. The space is 100% usable and expandable to any length, making them perfect for:

» Equipment Storage
» Motor Pool Storage
» Emergency Supply Storage
» Office Space
» Inexpensive Personnel Quarters


Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, or taxidermist, American Arch Steel recognizes your need for a secure and weatherproof place to work. Our arch steel buildings are ideal for use as workshops, storage buildings, or dual-mode annexes. When you need an indoor space to work on your outdoor hobby, we offer the perfect solution. Our products make great:
» Equipment Sheds
» Hunter's or Angler's Workshops
» Taxidermy Workshops
» Hunting Lodges
» Wilderness Retreats

Other Creative Uses:

» Low Income Housing
» Arenas
» Military Applications
» Salt & Sand Storage
» Processing Facilities
» Roof Covers
» Athletic & Dance Studios
» Mini-Storage
» Restaurants & Night Clubs
» Classrooms
» Residential Garages & Workshops
Camper Storage Boat Storage Farm Equipment Storage

Extra Garage

Industrial Storage