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American Arch Steel has a number of special offers this season on P, Q, and S-series steel buildings. Just drop us your size requirements and we will provide information about our special Winter offers in the appropriate series. When you are looking for extra space and an extra value, look no further than American Arch Steel.


Quonset Building: 22ga Steel 


Q45 x 72 x 17 Ctr Ht


(1) Solid Endwall
(1) 14w x 14h Framed Opening Endwall

Payment Terms:

Shipped on receipt of payment in full by bank cashier's check or wire transfer

Code Info: *Building is engineered for a 35psf Liveload and 125mph Windload*


Pittsburgh , PA


*****  $9962.00 *****  
(plus freight/shipped from Pittsburgh , PA)


American Arch Steel buildings have a long tradition of quality, reliability, and versatility.

Industrial/Small Business... Warehousing, Security Shelters, Industrial Shops, Retail Showrooms, Equipment Storage (click here)

Trucking and Automotive... Secure Garage/Workshop Space, Ample room for vehicle storage, Affordable Cargo Depot, Flexible/Expandable Warehouse Space (click here)

Farming and Agriculture... Equipment Storage, Repair Shops, Crop Storage, Livestock, All Purpose Shelters (click here)

Recreation Vehicle Storage... Boats, Airplanes, Campers, Antique Cars, RV's, ATV/motorcycle Garage, Trailer Parking (click here)

Government and Military... Equipment Storage, Motorpool, Emergency Supplies, Office Space, Inexpensive Personnel Quarters (click here)

For the Outdoorsman...Equipment Shed, Hunterís/Anglerís Workshop, Taxidermy Workshop, Hunting Lodge, Wilderness Retreat, Salt/Sand Storage (click here)

Other Creative Uses... Low Income Housing, Arenas, Military Applications, Salt and Sand Storage, Processing Facilities, Roof Covers, Athletic/Dance Studios, Mini-Storage, Restaurants/Night Clubs Classrooms, Garage/Workshop for your home (click here)

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