How much does a 100x100 metal building cost?

One of the many benefits of prefabricated buildings is the columnless interior design, which is a standard feature of this 100×100 metal building package. This uninterrupted space allows you to create virtually any type of retail space you can imagine, including an auto repair shop tall enough for commercial trucks. An industrial warehouse, equestrian building, auto repair shop, or recreation center with a 10,000 square foot steel building is easily accessible. You can customize the steel building with optional bay doors, office space and other equipment storage rooms.

Size is not the only factor that determines the cost of a steel construction kit, so you should also consider the different options available, as well as your design preferences. Typically, a metal building of this size will require a 2'x2'x18 foot slab AND a reduction of 18", which is the concrete slab that goes along the edge of the building and has a depth of 4 to 18”. Whether you need a shop, a church, a warehouse, a riding track or anything else, steel buildings are a great investment. Local building codes, set by the local government, will also influence the final cost of your building.

However, if you need add-ons such as offices, bedrooms, facades, sheets, frames or an elegant footprint, you can expect the housing to cost between 25% and 50% of the cost of a steel house, a condominium or a commercial office building. Your building design, location specifications, local building codes, and building loads may affect your final price. While a steel structure comes with a generic design, you can order your prefabricated building made of 100 x 100 metal of different materials. Pre-engineered steel buildings offer end-to-end columns, which now take up maximum space without compromising structural integrity to fit your large machinery.

A 100' x 100' steel building can serve as a warehouse, workshop, community space, gym, barn and more. Metal steel frame buildings are an economical solution for both commercial construction and smaller residential construction. In the end, there are many variables that will determine the final cost of a steel construction project, but I hope this will give a good starting point to start. If you are using a prefabricated kit of 100 x 100 steel buildings, your supplier will have a general price estimate.

There is no limit on the size and cost of windows for this prefabricated steel building, since there are no columns inside the structure.