Is steel or lumber more expensive?

It also offers lower labor costs, because more professionals have experience with wood than with metal. In fact, if we focus only on the initial cost of materials, steel is much more expensive than wood, stone, brick and concrete. Both wood and steel are very resistant building materials, but over time wood will lose much of its initial integrity due to environmental factors such as termites or moisture, which can deform and crack wood. In fact, when you come to Safeway Steel Buildings, you can work with us to design and customize your new building to fit your needs and style.

Now that you have seen which material will make the most sense in the long run, making the final decision should be much easier on the cost of steel versus wood construction. A high strength-to-weight ratio means that steel frame buildings have a lower dead load (structural weight) than other frame buildings. A metal construction kit includes steel frame, insulation, wall sheets, doors, windows, roll up doors and metal roofing. Despite the current low cost of steel production and the increase in the cost of wood, steel structures are still considered more expensive.

However, steel is the most recycled material on the planet, so it is used over and over again without the need to create new steel. This 19,600 square foot home near Toronto features high-performance construction techniques, including steel framing.

Both wooden and steel buildings

are highly customizable, so this element is mainly decided by personal preference.